毎週日曜日、youtubeで22時~23時30分DJによる様々なChillout musicをお送りしています。
またLos Angelsにも支部があり、現地のオンラインラジオ局であるTraklife Radioとも提携して世界にChillout musicを発信中
Chillな音の源。それがChilly Source。皆様にに最高の音楽をお届けします。
ちょっと僕らのChilly Source味見してみませんか?
English Below
Chilly Source broadcasts Chilled and relaxing music through its radio station, Chilly Source Radio. As a lifestyle label, we release tracks and provide a chill atmosphere.
On every Sunday, from 22:00 to 23:00 on our YouTube channel, we have a live broadcast of music
We also have a branch in LA, USA. There we have connections with Traklife Radio, a LA based online radio station.